A fixed-base operator (FBO) is an organization granted the right by an airport to operate at the airport and provide aeronautical services such as fuelling, hangaring, tie-down and parking, aircraft rental, aircraft maintenance, flight instruction, and similar services.


Airport Handling Services

Cyclone airways also offers aircraft ground handling and services while it is on the ground which include hangar storage, fuel services, flight planning, ground support and aircraft cleaning.

Hangar storage

Our hangar is open and large enough to accommodate a number of aircrafts. By agreeing to our terms and condition, you can be rest assured that your aircraft is sheltered and well-protected.


Fueling Services

We offer refueling services to aircrafts at reasonable prices.

Flight Planning

We shall arrange your trip for you so you can concentrate on other things that matter to you most. You may work closely with our account manager who shall ensure that your trip is comfortable and hassle-free.


Ground Support

We offer ground support such as towing, oil dispensing, tie-down, baggage handling, etc.

Aircraft cleaning

Our trained personnel will ensure that your aircraft is sparkling clean on the outside and inside by performing full exterior and interior washes. By using the safest and thoroughly test cleaning products, you can trust that our trained professional technicians will leave your aircraft impeccably clean


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