CYCLONE AIRWAYS, INC. has been in the Philippine skies for more than half a century now. Being a former Airline Pilot and Flight Engineer, Capt. Arsenio P. Camposagrado, has pioneered the Camposagrado Air Taxi, the very first of its kind, when he realized great potential and success of air-commuter services in Northern Luzon. The locals had patronized and embraced the new-found convenience and safety of the air transportation in the region.

A living legacy lives on through the years, Capt. Honorio E. Camposagrado, has instituted Cyclone Airways from his father’s footprints. Its establishment brought in sound and modern business concepts and market trends in response to the ever changing lifestyle and socio-economic impacts from the aviation industry.

We have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in aviation, being recognized as the safest non-scheduled and commuter air transportation in Northern Luzon. With decades of unprecedented services and unwavering commitment to quality and safety, we indeed rule the Northern Luzon skies!

CYCLONE FLYING SCHOOL was then established by Capt. Harris E. Camposagrado, as an initiative to help honing the skills and developing well-rounded aviation professionals, utilizing modern facilities and an environment most conducive to learning. We are committed to giving you the best possible results from generations of hard work, dedication, and our commitment to excellence. We build professional, well-disciplined, and self-motivated aviators that would equal the best in the world.

Indeed, the Camposagrados have been touching the lives of the people since 1960 with the goal of improving the lifestyle of Filipinos by providing quality and affordable services, making safe, fast transportation available to the masses.